Shared Trip 4D3N Komodo IslandStart From IDR 18.500.000 - 24.500.000 For 2 Person 


Join our Open trip! Exploring Komodo National Park can also be done in an affordable and sociable way. It’s about making new friends, create memories and learning new things together. Our shared trip allows you to have the opportunity to share a wonderful island hopping experience, even if you’re a solo traveler or a couple. And no worries, there is also plenty of room for people to find their own space if they want to.

Komodo Open Trip

Free Lunch Set Up On 4D3N Open Trip

25 – 28 MAR 2021
01 – 04 APR 2021
14 – 17 MAY 2021
25 – 28 JUN 2021
22 – 25 JUL 2021

10 – 13 AUG 2021
16 – 19 SEP 2021
14 – 17 OCT 2021
11 – 14 NOV 2021
16 – 19 DEC 2021

Room Kelor

  • Queen size bed
  • Air conditioning
  • En suite bathroom
  • Balcony
  • Sun beds

Room Rinca

  • Queen size bed
  • Single bunk bed
  • Air conditioning
  • En suite bathroom

Room Kanawa

  • Queen size bed
  • Air conditioning
  • En suite bathroom

Room Padar

  • Queen size bed
  • Air conditioning
  • En suite bathroom
  • Sofa Lounge Area


Please note that our itinerary is subject to change depending on the weather and sea conditions at Komodo.

  • Pickup at the airport/hotel and heading to the harbour, hop on board, meet the crew and set sail to Kelor Island.
  • Hike up to the top of Kelor Island and get a great view of the Komodo Islands and Labuan Bajo.
  • Lunch will be served on board on the way to Rinca Island.
  • Prepare yourself with proper shoes for trekking and meeting the Komodo dragons with the guidance of the National Park Ranger.
  • Enjoy the afternoon coffee/tea while sailing to Kalong Island for the sunset to watch thousands of  bats leave their roost as they head towards their feeding grounds.
  • Dinner time and overnight around the Rinca Island.
  • Early morning sail to Padar Island while we enjoy breakfast on board with a lovely view across the Komodo archipelago.
  • Long hike to Padar Island where you will be greeted with a beautiful sunrise and a stunning panoramic view.
  • A short sail as we head towards the famous Long Beach, also known as pink beach where you can enjoy this natural wonder of the world by swimming or just sunbathing
  • Stopping by at Manta Point where you have a good chance to swim with the Manta Rays (depending on the current tides).
  • A lovely relaxing afternoon as we sail towards Central Komodo to experience Taka Makassar, a small white island known as a sand bank. (Makassar Reef) 
  • Enjoy a leisurely afternoon coffee or tea on board
  • Dinner time
  • This morning we will have the chance to admire the underwater beauty of Siaba Island by snorkeling.
  • Another snorkeling activity at Sebayur Island, another famous spot for amazing underwater marine life.
  • A delightful breakfast will be waiting for you once you get back on the boat from the hike.
  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride to Kanawa Island.
  • Kanawa Island offers you a great spot for relaxing or swimming at the beach before we sail back to Labuan Bajo
  • Transport back to hotel/airport.
  • Siaba Island
  • Sebayur Island
  • Kanawa Island
  • Sembilan Island

Please Note :

When arranging your transportation to Labuan Bajo, such as flights, hotels, please take into consideration the below time restrictions for joining and departing from your group. With these times, we have taken into account travel time to/from the airport in Komodo and the required time for check-in or baggage collection.

Your flight must arrive by or before

10:00 on the Arrival Day

Your flight must depart no earlier than:
14:00 on Departure Day




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